The St Catherine’s Trust
for Traditional Catholic Education
Traditio et Veritas
The St Catherine’s Trust is a Charitable Trust, founded in December 2004. Since July 2005 it has been a Registered Charity, no. 1110417.
Quoting the Trust Deed, its purpose is:-
  • To advance the Roman Catholic religion for the benefit of the public and in accordance with the traditional liturgy, devotions and doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church, through the holding of religious services, through the sponsorship and organisation of pilgrimages, retreats and lectures, and through the provision of catechesis and education in accordance with traditional Catholicism; and by producing and distributing literature on all aspects of the Catholic tradition.
  • To advance the education of the public through the provision of grants and bursaries for students in financial need pursuing studies at universities and colleges of higher and further education.
Concretely, its main activity at the moment is the organisation of annual week-long traditional Catholic Summer Schools, in association with the Traditional Catholic Family Alliance. These Summer Schools have been held every summer since 2005. For detailed reports please use the links on the left.

The Officers of the St Catherine’s Trust are:-

  • Dr Joseph Shaw (Chairman)
    Dr Shaw is a Tutorial Fellow in Philosophy at St Benet’s Hall, Oxford, and is currently the Latin Mass Society’s representative for the Oxford area.
  • Fr Andrew Southwell (Chaplain)
    Fr Southwell is based at St Bede’s Presbytery, Clapham Park, London. He offers the traditional Latin Mass exclusively, both at St Bede’s and in various other places in the south of England, often for the Latin Mass Society.
  • Dr John Tennant (Secretary)
    Dr Tennant lives and works in London, and teaches Gregorian Chant at Traditional Catholic Family Alliance Catechism days.