The St Catherine’s Trust
for Traditional Catholic Education
Traditio et Veritas

Summer School 2023 Application Form

Please submit your application as soon as possible.
On receipt, we will send you a Parental Health Information and Consent Form, and other materials for students.

The deadline is 30th June 2023.

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Donation: We do not charge a fixed fee but invite parents to make a donation in accordance with their means.
This may be done via Paypal using our donation page before or after you have submitted this form.
The donation page also shows our bank details should you wish to make a transfer by Internet Banking.
Alternatively you may wish to send a cheque* separately.
Please note that if you wish us to claim Gift Aid, a cheque is the preferred method.
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* Cheques, payable to St Catherine’s Trust, should be sent to St Catherine’s Trust, St Bede’s Church House, 58 Thornton Road, London SW12 0LF.