The St Catherine’s Trust
for Traditional Catholic Education
Traditio et Veritas
Useful links:
  • Catholic Oxford: Details of traditional rite Masses and other events of interest to traditionally-minded Catholics in the Oxford area and beyond. Also includes material about Oxford’s Catholic history.
  • The Latin Mass Society of England and Wales.
  • Christian Order: An outspoken Catholic periodical defending and promoting the faith.
  • Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice: A lay organisation dedicated to defending and promoting authentic Catholic teaching.
  • The Traditional Priests’ Support Trust: A Charitable Trust set up to support Roman Catholic priests, clergy and religious, who are in need, and who are exclusively committed to the traditional liturgy and disciplines of the Church.
  • For the Whole Christ: A catalogue of the published and unpublished journalism of Dr John Rao, Director of the Roman Forum/Dietrich von Hildebrand Institute and former President of Una Voce America. Includes long pieces for The Remnant and the Latin Mass Magazine.
  • Young Catholic Adults: A group founded in February 2004 at Oxford in the UK. It is a national lay movement that actively engages in rebuilding the Church and restoring all things in Christ. YCA are loyal to the Magisterium and faithful to John Paul II's teaching with regard to Ecclesia Dei (1988). They have organised retreats including the traditional Mass for young Catholic adults at venues such as Douai Abbey.
  • St. Bede’s Church, Clapham Park, London: The only parish in the United Kingdom to have a regular daily traditional rite Mass.
  • Southwell Books: A family firm of Catholic booksellers, Southwell Books sell only books which are in line with the Catholic Church’s timeless teachings on faith, doctrine, morals and liturgy. They stock many items connected with the traditional Mass, including St Catherine’s Trust’s own publications.

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