2019 Summer School - Student Questionnaire
Activities, Latin, Serving, Numbers for First and Last Meals

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Afternoon Activities

The Summer School runs for five full days (Monday to Friday), during which there are classes and activities. On the Wednesday afternoon there will be an outing. On the other four days, there will be activities during the afternoon, and students can choose which activity they would prefer to do.

There are three activities: Football, Sewing and a Walk.

Please note that football is supervised but not coached. There are limited places for some options so please provide a second choice; the limited places will be distributed on a 'first come first served' basis. Students will do the same activity each of the four afternoons. Anyone who doesn't state a preference will be added to the group going for a walk.

Which activity would you prefer to do? Please indicate your first and second choices.

First PreferenceSecond Preference

Any other comments:


It may be possible to have a group of students sing some of the Gregorian Chant propers, and/or polyphony, for the final Mass. It would be helpful to know in advance something about students' previous musical experience.

If you play an instrument, please state which:
To what grade?
Have you sung in a choir of any kind?
Have you sung polyphony (singing in parts)?  No.   A little.   A lot. 
Have you sung Gregorian chant?  No.   A little.   A lot. 

Regardless of your level of experience, would you like to try singing in parts?
 Yes   No

Any other comments:


We can’t teach Latin from scratch in one week, but to those with some Latin, we can introduce the Latin of the Vulgate Bible and the Liturgy; and with those who don’t know any Latin, we can explore the influence of Latin upon English, how Latin sentences work, and introduce some basic vocabulary. Please indicate your knowledge of Latin:

Never studied it
Once studied it, never got far
Currently studying it
Studying it for GCSE
Have completed GCSE Latin
Studying/studied it beyond GCSE

If you have done some Latin, please answer these questions (if not, ignore them):

Please name the textbooks used (e.g. ‘Cambridge Latin Course’):

Have you covered the following?
The use of the Ablative Case
The Third Declension
Passive Verbs
Deponent Verbs
The Subjunctive
Verbs taking the Dative
Any other comments:

Serving (Boys only)
Boys will receive some training in serving Mass, during the earlier part of the afternoons, and join the activities after this.
To decide on serving groups, it would be helpful to know the following information:

How often do you attend (or have you attended) the traditional Mass?  Not at all.   Occasionally.   Often (most Sundays). 
How much experience do you have of serving Low Mass?  None.   A little.   A lot. 
How much experience do you have of serving Sung Mass or High Mass?  None.   A little.   A lot. 
How much experience do you have of serving Benediction?  None.   A little.   A lot. 

Any other comments:

Numbers for First and Last meals

This section need only be completed once per family, and need not be submitted at the same time as the rest of the questionnaire.
Feel free to come back and submit this section on its own separately.

Registration 16.00-17.00
Mass 17.15
Dinner 18.30
Compline 21.00
Mass 11.30
Mass over 12.50
Lunch 13:00
Owing to another group using the refectory at the Retreat Centre on this Saturday, this lunch will consist of sandwiches at the Shrine Church after Mass.
Other family members may stay for Mass and dinner. Other family members may come for Mass and lunch.
Departure may be before or after lunch.
Please indicate how many from your family will require dinner:

students and other family members.

Cost £7 each for other family members.

Please indicate how many from your family will require lunch (sandwiches):

students and other family members.

Cost £3 each for other family members.

Money for meals may be paid on the day.

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