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for Traditional Catholic Education
Traditio et Veritas
Our 2007 Summer School

Our 2007 Summer School took place from Sunday 29th July to Sunday 5th August 2007 at Ardingly College, near Haywards Heath, West Sussex. The Chaplain was Fr Andrew Southwell, and the School was attended by 41 pupils evenly spread over the ages 11 to 18.

A Day's Timetable     Subjects Taught     Staff     Click here for photos
A Day's Timetable  Top

Each day included the Rosary, Sung Mass in the traditional Roman Rite and sung Compline. A timetable for a typical day is shown below:

12.05Sung Mass
2.15-3.15Boys: Altar serving practice
Selected pupils: Gregorian chant practice
Activities: Football, country walks, tennis, sewing, art
3.15-4.15All: Activities: Football, country walks, tennis, sewing, art
5.40-6.20Gregorian Chant or Polyphony
7.20-9.10Film, or talk by visiting speaker
9.15Sung Compline
10.00In buildings
10.30In own rooms
11.00Lights out
Subjects Taught  Top

For the morning classes the students were divided into four groups by age. The subjects taught in these classes included:

  • Catechism: taught by Fr Andrew Southwell, with the help of Mr Marek Grabowski and Mrs Daphne McLeod.
  • Catholic Philosophy: taught by Dr Joseph Shaw and Mr Alan Frost.
  • Catholic Literature: taught by Mr David Forster.
  • History: taught by Mr Aidan McKeague. This year’s topic was the French Revolution.
  • History of Art: taught by Mr Robert O'Brien.
  • Mediaeval Pilgrimage Routes: Mrs Gwen Sheppard gave a series of talks about mediaeval pilgrimages and the routes followed by the pilgrims.
  • Novenas: Miss Frances Sheppard introduced the students to a number of Novenas in English and French.
  • Mr Anthony Ozimic (MA Bioethics), Political Secretary of SPUC, also taught the students about the Catholic history of Parliament, and about the Church’s teachings on embryo experimentation, euthanasia and assisted suicide.
In the late afternoons there were further classes in:
  • Latin: The students were divided into three groups according to their knowledge of Latin, the groups being taught by Miss Theresa Sheppard, Mr Alexander Morrison and Mr Alan Frost.
  • Polyphony: Miss Aurelia Ratcliffe coached a considerable number of the students in the singing of Arcadelt's polyphonic Ave Maria, and this was sung very competently during the Offertory of the final Mass of the week.
  • Gregorian Chant: Dr John Tennant gave practical classes in singing chants from the Mass Ordinaries Cunctipotens Genitor Deus (IV) and Kyrie Fons Bonitatis (II), plus Credo IV. Selected students were also coached over the course of the week to sing some of the proper chants for the Mass on the final Sunday from the Liber Usualis.
The academic work was balanced by creative activities, including art and sewing, which proved popular with the students.

The 2007 Summer School included two afternoon outings, one to the shrine of Our Lady of Consolation, West Grinstead, a location which played an important role in the secret mission of priests to England in penal times, and the other to the town of Lewes.

In the evenings there was a variety of activities, including talks by Fr Richard Whinder of Southwark Archdiocese on “Early British Saints”, and by Mrs Daphne McLeod on the Catholic Evidence Guild. On two evenings, films were shown: Alfred Hitchcock’s The Wrong Man and Henry Koster’s The Robe. On the penultimate evening a quiz was held, with questions based on the material taught during the week, plus general Catholic knowledge. The extremely enthusiastic and impressive response to this quiz showed that the students had benefited a great deal from the classes.

On the final evening, about half of the students formed the cast in a dramatic reading from The Light and the Life by Dorothy L. Sayers, part of her wartime radio play The Man Born to be King. They had been coached for this by Mr David Forster, and wore costumes made by Mrs Lucy Shaw, Miss Teresa Sheppard and Miss Aurelia Ratcliffe. This was very well executed and drew enthusiastic applause.

Staff of the 2007 Summer School  Top

  • Mr David Forster (Headmaster, boys’ Housemaster) is a Housemaster and Head of Department (Maths) at Abingdon School.
  • Fr Andrew Southwell (Chaplain) is based at St Bede’s Presbytery, Clapham Park, London. He offers Mass exclusively in the traditional Roman Rite.
  • Mrs Lucy Shaw (Girls’ Housemistress, Sewing) is a linguist and a professionally trained cook.
  • Dr Joseph Shaw (Academic Organiser, Philosophy) teaches Philosophy as Tutorial Fellow at St Benet’s Hall, Oxford.
  • Dr John Tennant (School Secretary, Gregorian Chant) is IT manager of SPUC and teaches Gregorian Chant for the Traditional Catholic Family Alliance.
  • Mrs Daphne McLeod (RE) is the Chairman of Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice.
  • Miss Theresa Sheppard (Latin) is a Classics graduate.
  • Mr Marek Grabowski is a seminarian with the Priestly Fraternity of St Peter, studying at their seminary in Wigratzbad, Bavaria.
  • Mr Aidan McKeague (History) teaches English Literature and History.
  • Miss Aurelia Ratcliffe (Sacred Polyphony) is a Music graduate.
  • Miss Susan Gollop (School Nurse, Assistant Girls’ Housemistress)
  • Mrs Gwen Sheppard (Literature)
  • Mr Alan Frost (Philosophy)
  • Mr Robert O'Brien (Art History) teaches at Downside School.
  • Mr Anthony Ozimic is Political Secretary of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC).
  • Mr Aidan McKeague (History) is a History and Art graduate.
  • Miss Frances Sheppard (Literature)
  • Mr Alexander Morrison (Latin) is an Oxford undergraduate.