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Liturgical Laminated Cards

Newly typeset and inexpensive; in accordance with the liturgical books in use in 1962, the customs of England and Wales, and contemporary Traditional Catholic needs. Don't put up with blurred, torn, and unhelpful cards!

Server’s Cards for Low Mass

Approved by Gordon Dimon, Latin Mass Society MC. Neat A5 size, and larger print A4 also available. Extended rubrics and complete Latin text of Server's responses.
Serving Traditional Low Mass (One Server) A4 size, £0.95
Serving Traditional Low Mass (One Server) A5 size, £0.75

New to the Old Mass?

Approved by Gordon Dimon, Latin Mass Society MC. A5 card for newcomers to the Traditional Mass. Clear and brief notes on when to stand up and kneel, for Low Mass and Sung Mass, including Prayers After Low Mass. Introductory notes on the history and spirituality of the Traditional Mass.
New To The Old Mass? What It Is - What To Do (pack of 10), £5.00

Vesting Prayers

A4; large print of the Latin prayers, with English rubrics and translation of the prayers.
Vesting Prayers, £0.95

Prayers After Low Mass

A4; large print; the usual translation used in the UK (not the US translation of the Prayer to St Michael).
Prayers After Low Mass, £0.95

Churching of Women

A5 card, with Latin and English of the entire ceremony in facing columns, ideal for use by priest and server, and the faithful, in performing the Church's beautiful blessing of a mother after childbirth.
Churching of Women, The, £0.75

Blessing of Candles & Throats, on the Feast of St Blaise

A5 card, Latin with English rubrics, for the use of the Priest in blessing candles on the feast of St Blaise (3rd February), and using the candles to bless the throats of the faithful.
Blessing of Candles, The, £0.75

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